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The landscape design of your dreams starts here, with our selection of beautifully grown plants, trees, shrubs, groundcovers, and more. In our nursery, we care about sustainability. That’s why we follow a hands-on, careful process for planting and growing both perennials and annuals native to our region.

  • We start propagating from seedlings and cuttings.
  • These are planted in a native soil blend made here.
  • Our soil creates a rigorous root system for the plants.
  • When the plant is installed, it easily adapts to the soil.
  • We focus on native options ideal for planting zones 8 to 9.
  • Native plants are more apt to grow successfully and sustainably.

Popular varieties used in many Texas native landscapes include lantanas, salvias, and sages — but our selection doesn’t stop here. We also have great options for pest control and deer resistance. Visit to browse the beautiful plants available; our experts will guide you through the best choices for your landscape design.


When creating a landscape design, we’re focused on sustainable results and a beautiful final product. We are truly rooted in our family grown business. Our innovative design team takes its expertise from 3 generations in the landscape and irrigation field. We offer a full-service landscape team, from new installations to complete renovations. Together, we will:

  • Start with browsing plant varieties and recommended options.
  • Consider pest control, soil conditions, and watering needs.
  • Talk about native plants, landscape themes, and individual needs.
  • Provide education so you can make decisions best for your landscape design.
  • Create a simple design that is easy to implement.
  • Help ensure successful plant growth for years to come.

Our team works on new installations, flower bed renovation, tree installation, palm trees, and sod installation. We plant private estates and commercial properties and enjoy seeing our work throughout the community. When the job is done, we hope the customer enjoys the finished product as much as we do.


In New Braunfels, Texas, and our surrounding communities, proper irrigation is key to a sustainable landscape design. When it comes to an effective irrigation plan, there is no one-size-fits-all system. We put careful thought into our design custom irrigation systems to ensure it works well for the individual property. Here’s what we’ll consider:

  • Water pressure and volume readings from your home.
  • Soil conditions unique to your property.
  • The type of landscape that needs watering.
  • The areas of the landscape that the water needs to reach.
  • Then, we start designing a custom system unique to your needs.
  • Lastly, you sit back and watch your beautiful landscape design flourish.

We use commercial-grade piping in our systems and stand behind our product. Systems should be checked and cleaned two to three times a year, a service we provide. Otherwise, it’s pretty hands-off and automated for our customers. We provide customer support for the lifetime of our systems and look forward to serving your needs.


We are now selling Pavers and we do installation!