Bulk Material

Double Ground Brown Mulch

Preserve your landscape with a beautiful mulch finish. Mulching is important for moisture retention and soil temperature control. Mulch softens the impact of rain, allowing the soil below to absorb the water more easily. With these benefits in mind, a mulched landscape means your soil will stay healthy longer, and your plants will enjoy longevity, too.

Our mulch is made from a double grind, native wood and colored with a nontoxic, non-leaking dye. Many people choose to use mulch on garden beds, mostly with weed control in mind. Often the choice between types of mulch comes down to aesthetic preference in color.

We sell mulch in bag and bulk, and offer pickup or delivery. Browse our online catalog for information on specific products, and don’t hesitate to ask our team for information and recommendations to match your needs. We’re here to help.