About Us 2

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How It All Began

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Family, hard work and great results have fueled Maldonado Nursery, Landscape & Irrigation FROM THE 1970’S. We are committed to providing a memorable experience with superior customer service. Bottom line, we want our customers to enjoy a great final product and be happy they chose Maldonado.

Our landscape design firm started in the 1970’s, after Jorge Maldonado moved to New Braunfels. Coming from a family background in the landscape industry, he decided to open his own location here.

Today, his three sons – own and operate the business. The brothers grew up learning the landscape trade and working diligently to become experts in the industry. While each family member performs their unique role, they all agree on what sets their business apart: superior service and a commitment to hard work.

Now, Maldonado Nursery, Landscape & Irrigation offers a full-service experience for New Braunfels, Selma, Converse, Live Oak, Universal City, San Antonio, and other surrounding communities.

How We Work

We’re a one-stop-shop for all your landscape needs. From our nursery, where we grow from seedlings and cuttings to our bulk products list and our professional landscape and irrigation services — we offer everything you need to take a property’s outdoor space from A to Z.

We perform both residential and commercial jobs and feel honored to see our work throughout the community. Exploring the region, you’ll see the results of our hard work at places such as the Olive Garden, Red Lobster, or Outback Steakhouse. We were also blessed to work on the renovation of our State Capital in Austin, and have decorated the landscapes of many schools, churches, and other area restaurants.

We’re leaving footprints in the community every time we start a new project, all part of the legacy we’re building at Maldonado in New Braunfels. We operate on the basic principles of loving God, honoring the country and protecting the family, and we extend these values to the people we serve.

Why is working with native plants, soils, and materials so important?

We believe sustainable landscaping is essential. When introducing non-native plants in a local landscape, it’s a fight with nature. Growing something that doesn’t naturally blend with the local soil requires amendments, and these changes are always temporary. Meaning, if the landowner doesn’t continue amending the soil, the plant isn’t going to make it long term.

That’s why we focus on cultivating the highest quality indigenous plants in our nursery. We create our own native soil blend that aids the plants in growing strong roots that easily adapt to the natural soils in our region. This means our plants will enjoy a long life in your yard, and you can enjoy the beauty of your landscape year after year.